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Simply Accounting Error

Issue: When restoring Simply Accounting CAB file, you encounter an error.

There might be various reasons for this. In my case it was due to these points:

1- I was backing up my data from a directory that had some unknown files in that directory (folder), like ibdata1, iblogfile, and errorlog.txt.

2- The directory name that Simply Accounting data files located in were called something.SAJ. The folder name with the extension of SAJ is a special name Simply Accounting uses for its data. I think it will cause problem, if I create a folder name with that structure myself.

How to fix this problem:

1- When creating a folder to save Simply Accounting data, give it a name without SAJ extension. For example you may want to save your data as mycompany.SAI in a folder you created as: C:\mydocuments\data. You basically end up with a file named mycompany.SAI in the folder of: C:\mydocuments\data      and  you also end up with a folder created automatically by Simply accounting called: mycompany.SAJ in the folder of: C:\mydocuments\data. What you don’t want is creating a folder called: C:\mydocuments\data.SAJ

2- If restoring still gives you error: Open up your original data. Click on File and save it as a different name in a different directory. Now back up it up. The resulting CAB file should be ok now. To make sure, try to restore it.

3- If restoring is still problamatic, clear the option of verify data during backup.

Good luck,

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