Marketing for Dummies

Entrepreneurs , by nature, are do it yourself people. To be successful at marketing business blemishes must be seen and effective marketing starts with an unbiased perspective.

Here are five marketing tips for your business.

1- Advertise small – not like a big business.

Big businesses advertise to gain name recognition and sales. A small business approach should be to have an insentive program and draw customers to it.  Example: 15% off your next hair cut or website classes original price $1200. Now for a limited offer $599. The customer will generally come for the sale and than remember your store name.

2- Offer cheap or premium.

Some customers are not willing to pay full price for your product. However, they will pay a lower price rather than get best quality. You can offer a smaller or stripped down version of your product to meet there needs.

But not all customers are looking for cheap price. Some are willing to pay a little more and get high quality product. To these kinds of customer, a more comprehensive product or combine several products in a special premium package.

3- Reduce your ad.

Reduce the size of your ad so you can run more ads for the same price. Repetitious and consistency is the key. If your ad is in color run the ad using the same color every time. Use the same consistancy of ad size, color and layout every time. This way your ad will stay in people’s mind and it’s a way to start branding your business.

4- Joint promotion.

Partner up with some non-competing businesses serving customers in your market and by combining efforts your ability to cross-promote will help sell products for a very low cost.

Example: A health clinic, a children’s store and a pizza store, they got together and the health nurse immunized kids in a fun party atmosphere and gave happy parents coupons for the pizza store. The foot traffic to these stores were overwhelming.

5- Your current customers.

Your current customers are great advertising tool, they already know you and trust you, so when you have a new product or enhancing an existing product introduce it to your existing customer first. It’s easier to get more sales from them, than to get any business from somebody who has never bought from you. Create some special deals for your existing customers and announce the deal to them first before announcing it to the general market.

I hope marketing for dummies helped you a little bit. You can always ask us a question.

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