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Four startup tips for new entrepreneur.

As a business owner the word accounting strikes a fear in my heart. After all, I know poor bookkeeping can set a project back in the short term and if I did not attack it, it can come and bite me over the haul.

1- Start with your best foot forward.

In the same way you answer your emails, check messages on your iPhone , or take stock of your inventory, make your business accounting a habit. Set up a reminder notice on your calendar – “Review Records”. This should be done at least once a month. Best time is when you receive business bank statements and credit card statements. Verify each transaction and reconcile items. Make notes on the statement for expenditures and income that you need to remember.

2- Accounting lingo.

Chart of accounts,  general ledger, accrual and cash base accounting, the cumbersome terminology of accounting is sometimes the biggest hurdle. Take some time to understand the basics. Not knowing the basics can hurt you in the long run.

Here is some resource sites to check out.

3- Find the right software for your business.

Don’t simply go with what your  friend is using. If you are already at your desk, Sage Simply Accounting desktop might make sense. Or if your always on the go something mobile like Quick Books. If your running your business from your iPad, go with a cloud based software like Kashoo. Take your time in choosing your software. Consult your local bookkeeper or accountant to see if they offer training on any programs.

4- Good advise.

Chances are if you spend enough time trying to figure out your finances, you could, but the reality is you have a business to run, GST/HST are due every quarter and income tax is due annually.  There should be a certain degree of urgency involved. Get help from local resources, your Chamber of Commerce, your local community co-working groups as they usually have scheduled meetings and classes for new businesses. There is also a great value in seeking help of a bookkeeper or accountant who specializes in small business.

I hope startup for dummies has helped. You can always ask us a question by going into the left column under categories heading.

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Client and Employee Relations

Collar Pins – Creative And Effective Corporate Gifts

by Myra Price

A corporate gift is an essential tool for building permanent relationships with clients and employees. It plays a multi-purpose role in an organization and that is the reason why it is so important to choose the right gift.

Collar Pins, by virtue of their variety in terms of colour and design, apart from being appealing, fit the bill perfectly. New design technologies in collar pins further add to the versatility of these pins as they can even have a company’s name engraved on them. They can also sport the company’s tagline and can be casted during manufacture to resemble a specific product.

Owing to their variety, they have a great effect on employees and clients. They make employees appreciate that they are valued by the management, while the clients feel closer to the service provider, and thus they generate the loyalty of these two key groups of people.

Price is a critical aspect while picking a corporate gift. The perceptive value of collar pins as effective gift items is much higher than their cost, therefore money spent on them is always worth the money. The usefulness and functionality of collar pins ensure that they are happily carried around by people on different occasions and are not just placed at one place for decorative purposes. As they can be put on daily when going to work, they are noticed by a lot of people and hence the brand’s promotion also takes place effectively.

The companies, however, have some key points to keep in mind before they give away collar pins as corporate gifts. Most importantly, they should be sturdy enough to endure repeated use.

The design of collar pins must be such that the owner is persuaded to wear them in the public to make a style statement. Being loud or having an asymmetric design may not be appreciated by the people. The practicality and suitability of use must be emphasized during the creation of design of collar pins so that the wearer doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Corporate gifts are an effective way for a company to reach out to its target audience, as such gifts have great exposure and circulation among the public. Collar pins perfectly fit such needs. They have been used widely by organizations for a long time and have always come out as winners. Considering all the exclusive qualities that collar pins have as corporate gifts, companies that have been reluctant in making use of them must wake up to their potential. – 40533

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